Virgo Rising

If your Rising sign is Virgo, what follows is a description of its effects on your horoscope.

With Virgo on the Ascendant, that is, in the 1st house, your ruling planet Mercury is therefore in the 1st house. You are known for your inquiring mind, sharp verbal skills, love of learning. Your very appearance—fastidious, lean, efficient—gives the impression of a great openness to the environment; you seem to pick up clues from the most cursory observations, filing them away for future use.

Mercury in the 1st house, however, can make you too self-absorbed with your own interests and thus lacking in sympathy for other people. And your quick wit and loquaciousness, if put into the service of petty gossip, could make you a tattletale who gets in trouble with people. Your striving for perfection and your liking for details make many of you with Virgo Rising master craftspeople. That talent is not restricted to the arts of fashioning jewelry, fabric, metals, food, and other materials of the earth, though you are an earth sign.

Mercury, your ruler, gives you a quicksilver mind, and you excel in the mathematical and scientific arts. Your memory is splendid, too. If you are not actually working in complex systems such as computer science or engineering, your talent for organizing details and structuring information certainly benefits your work life, as well as your social life. Your love of learning has few boundaries, and no limits if you with Virgo Rising consistently apply yourself. You are equally attracted to medicine, art, science, literature. Your analytical mind, scalpel-sharp, can cut through a mass of confused information, selecting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Certainly you can distinguish theory from practice, and you know when and how to use the practice. Many of you, for that reason, and also because you like to help people, find yourselves in health and medical service careers. Personally you are interested in the perfection of the body and the purity of the mind. Translated into everyday activities, you could be very fussy about your diet, your clothes, your living quarters, your spiritual beliefs, your exercise programs. It is not unlikely that you experiment often in these areas, and sometimes you’re accused of being a faddist. If you cannot change where you live frequently, you’ll be satisfied to take a few long trips and many short ones during your lifetime.

Basically you are patient, methodical, ambitious sometimes in a secretive way. Your caustic wit, which strips the facade from people, hides your true feelings and melancholy of spirit. As much as you like to quip in bright dialogue with others, you like to be alone. Even your travels can be solitary adventures; you commune with the nature around you. Some of these experiences may motivate an in-depth study of art and literature at some point in your lifetime. And you may well become a writer, merging a myriad of facts with personal data you are loathe to talk about. For you with Virgo Rising, two key words are self-mastery and service. But while you are perfecting your knowledge and skills in serving others, don’t forget your own needs. Develop compassion for yourself.

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