Virgo Money Horoscope 2014

Financial Horoscope for Virgo

Virgos have all the attitudes that create wealth. They are hard-working, industrious, efficient, organized, thrifty, productive and eager to serve. A developed Virgo is every employer’s dream. But until Virgos master some of the social graces of Libra they will not even come close to fulfilling their financial potential. Purity and perfectionism, if not handled correctly or gracefully, can be very trying to others. Friction in human relationships can be devastating not only to your pet projects but – indirectly – to your wallet as well.

Virgos are quite interested in their financial security. Being hard-working, they know the true value of money. They do not like to take risks with their money, preferring to save for their retirement or for a rainy day. Virgos usually make prudent, calculated investments that involve a minimum of risk. These investments and savings usually work out well, helping Virgos to achieve the financial security they seek. The rich or even not-so-rich Virgo also likes to help his or her friends in need.

Virgo Money Horoscope 2014 - Money Trends 2014

Advice for Managing Your Money in 2014 and Beyond

You will still have to be careful about money matters because Uranus will remain in your financial house until March 2019. Long trends like this are meant to help you change ingrained patterns and find new ways to protect yourself.
This planet of unanticipated events—Uranus—will begin a dispute with Pluto this coming year. Uranus will have his first argument with Pluto on April 21, and the other will occur on December 15, 2014, so it would not be wise to sign contracts near those dates.
 You need not wait until these two dates April 21 and December 15, 2014 come up, as these two planets are already close enough to "hear" one another now (in the mathematical sense). Uranus will be disputing with Pluto until March 2015. Don't freak out—compared with what you have been through in recent years, this trend will not be as severe. I cannot see everything in your chart, but from where I sit, this seems to be less difficult.
To cope, you will have to keep an eye on money you owe and pay on time. Take all financial responsibilities you accept seriously. You will always need to have a backup plan in place, as this trend will bring all sorts of ups and downs and holds the possibility for sudden reversals.
In your personal life, if you are married or living with someone, you might not want a joint checking account. You can have such an account to pay certain predetermined household expenses, but you may want to have a personal checking account, too. There are other possible examples of the types of problems you may face. If you regularly receive child support, conditions with your spouse could change suddenly, causing support payments to stop or become sporadic. If you are selling your house, realize that the buyer may not be able to qualify for a mortgage, so don't count your chickens before they hatch. With taxes, be honest and do not take risks—you could be audited at any point in the coming years, and you will have to defend decisions you make now.
Be alert and present in all financial dealings; it would not be wise to be absent when others make monetary decisions on your behalf. If you like, hire a trusted, reputable expert that you have vetted, such as a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor. Ask questions and keep your guard up. Before you get married, know the credit score and tax situation of your lover, as unromantic as that might sound. If you let down your guard, you may wind up suffering losses. As one example, you may be forced to help pay off a large credit card debt or the taxes of your spouse. If you stay alert and practical, you should be able to avoid problems. I give you this advice because unpredictable Uranus will remain in your house of joint resources until 2019.

Stressful and Adverse Days for Financial Matters 
January 1 to January 31: the period Venus will retrograde. Avoid big financial decisions while Venus is retrograde, for Venus rules your second house of earned income. This house also rules large, expensive purchases—those are not favored either.

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