Virgo Love Horoscope 2014

Virgo Love and Relationships

If you are an analyst or a critic you must, out of necessity, narrow your scope. You have to focus on a part and not the whole; this can create a temporary narrow-mindedness. Virgos do not like this kind of person. They like their partners to be broad-minded, with depth and vision. Virgos seek to get this broad-minded quality from their partners, since they sometimes lack it themselves.

Virgos are perfectionists in love just as they are in other areas of life. They need partners who are tolerant, open-minded and easy-going. If you are in love with a Virgo do not waste time on impractical romantic gestures. Do practical and useful things for him or her – this is what will be appreciated and what will be done for you.

Virgos express their love through pragmatic and useful gestures, so do not be put off because your Virgo partner does not say ‘I love you’ day-in and day-out. Virgos are not that type. If they love you, they will demonstrate it in practical ways. They will always be there for you; they will show an interest in your health and finances; they will fix your sink or repair your video recorder. Virgos deem these actions to be superior to sending flowers, chocolates or Valentine cards.

In love affairs Virgos are not particularly passionate or spontaneous. If you are in love with a Virgo, do not take this personally. It does not mean that you are not alluring enough or that your Virgo partner does not love or like you. It is just the way Virgos are. What they lack in passion they make up for in dedication and loyalty.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2014 - Love and Relationship trends 2014

Romance—Far More Enchanting for You Than it Was in Previous Years

Now let's turn to matters of love, which will also bring cause for celebration!
There is a reason to be optimistic, for you have one of the most powerful planets in the solar system—Pluto—in your solar sector of true love (fifth house). In 2008, Pluto arrived in your fifth house of true love to remain until 2024. You have never experienced Pluto here before—he has not been in Capricorn since the days of the American Revolution! Ever since Pluto arrived in your most romantic sector, you began to crave deeper passion and commitment in a romantic partner. Pluto wants all-or-nothing commitment, and you hoped to find that kind of love. Friends may have told you that you were unrealistic to expect this level of passion, but in fact, you can. Pluto would expect nothing less.
Love will come to you if you look for it! If you want a baby, you may conceive, adopt, or give birth this year, or hear very happy news about a child you have now.  Pluto will remain in Capricorn, your house of true love, for many years, ensuring that you are on a path of transformation, starting from the bottom up.
Also in the first half, Jupiter will be in fellow aqua sign Cancer (until July 17) and supporting your every move. If you are in love and have found your one true love, travel will be a fine way to fan the fires of love and jumpstart a relationship that has become a tad dull and too predictable. If so, I recommend you travel in early May if possible—it's a time made in heaven for your love life.
Love and travel to exciting international locations go hand in hand in 2014, so consider taking a foreign trip abroad with your one-and-only. Go to a city new to you both—explore the world together! If you are in the US, keep in mind Canada and Mexico "count" as foreign, as do some of the beautiful islands close to your home if you're outside the US, so you need not go too far to be in a setting that is refreshing and good for you.
Now let's talk about Neptune. Over the last two years, you've hosted Neptune in your seventh house of closest relationships while it toured Pisces, but this is not an easy place to host Neptune. Neptune is the beautiful butterfly—the planet of inspiration and dreams—but it can be impossible to hold on to, and in a moment, the vision can vanish. Neptune opposed your Sun if you are born in first days of Virgo, a difficult placement, for Neptune is known to add confusion by tossing a veil over reality. That can be romantic, but  it can suggest that you never quite viewed your significant other in the true light of day. You may have built a lovely impression of your partner, only to find out later that you had created an idea or story around someone that was not real. Neptune can be inspirational and extremely romantic, so you may have assigned your partner all sorts of glowing attributes that he or she did not deserve, simply out of love (in a romantic relationship) or admiration (business).
If this is the way Neptune manifested life while touring your seventh house, now, you may have an awakening soon. It will be a slow process. Like water lapping against rocks that slowly wears down their jagged edges and create smooth, polished stones, it will take time. The disparity between how you wanted to see your partner and how you must view your partner now might be striking. At times over the past two years, you may have been happy to look the other way, to refuse to see flaws in your partner because it was simply too painful. You wanted to be supportive, so you may have made a litany of excuses for your partner. Or it may have been that you were being realistic, but your partner was the one who was not.
There was also a small possibility that substance abuse on the part of your significant other complicated your relationship. I never like to raise this possibility—it may not fit, so do not become anxious if you saw no evidence of this. Neptune rules alcohol and drugs, so this is only a possibility for some cases.
The seventh house, where Neptune is, is a house of commitment, so it is the prime marriage house, but it also rules promises made to a partner or collaborator in a business. (Please note: Commitment can be in terms of business, any special relationship you share with an expert, such as with your agent, manager, lawyer, publicist, or in a joint venture with a whole other company. I could have put part of this discussion in your business horoscope, but most, though not all, people feel this energy through marriage or any other type of solid, committed romantic relationship.)
Not everyone found Neptune in the seventh house difficult. Many Virgo are highly creative, and with Neptune here, you may have forged a fabulously successful partnership, alliance, or collaboration to tackle one or more highly creative assignments. You may have had a great writing partner, or if you are a photographer, you may have worked with a creative director on certain projects that dazzled.
If you feel your partner stole the stars from the night sky and all your expectations of romantic love, it may take a long time to recover, but the point is, you can heal and move on. If you felt the collaboration you had with a partner on a creative project was exciting and stimulating, for instance one where you wrote the script for a movie or theatrical show, even though the alliance may soon end, all that you learned from each other will stay with you forever. You might decide to work together again in the future, but perhaps not in the way you had in the past. It's time to move on, to grow by experiencing new things and new relationships.
The difficulty arose because Neptune is the mythological guardian of the sea. The way Neptune works is to dissolve and cleanse slowly over time. This planet's basically watery association is anathema to your fiery Virgo element—you are ruled by the Mercury, the planet of thinking —but Neptune's waters in your seventh house (even though Virgo is an earth sign, as I just mentioned) may have brought one important individual, who, at times, completely doused your spirit as you dealt with him or her over time. I feel you will do better  in 2014 —you will see others more realistically.
Some marriages or partnerships will dissolve under the weight of the heavy snow that has built up on the roof that sheltered your relationship.
Neptune sometimes manifests in terms of a need to sacrifice one's own needs for the betterment of another. Again, this may have worked in one of two ways. If this is how Neptune asserted its message in your seventh house, then you may have been glad to do so. If your partner was very ill, you did so joyfully and in a loving way. If you felt forced, however, you may have felt you were continually compromising your own needs and security for your partner's happiness, and although you did whatever was asked of you to ensure it, you may, over time, have felt that you were asked to give too much.

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