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Virgos reach their full potential when they can communicate their knowledge in such a way that others can understand it. In order to get their ideas across better, Virgos need to develop greater verbal skills and fewer judgemental ways of expressing themselves. Virgos look up to teachers and communicators; they like their bosses to be good communicators. Virgos will probably not respect a superior who is not their intellectual equal – no matter how much money or power that superior has. Virgos themselves like to be perceived by others as being educated and intellectual.

The natural humility of Virgos often inhibits them from fulfilling their great ambitions, from acquiring name and fame. Virgos should indulge in a little more self-promotion if they are going to reach their career goals. They need to push themselves with the same ardour that they would use to foster others.

At work Virgos like to stay active. They are willing to learn any type of job as long as it serves their ultimate goal of financial security. Virgos may change occupations several times during their professional lives, until they find the one they really enjoy. Virgos work well with other people, are not afraid to work hard and always fulfil their responsibilities.

Virgo Career Horoscope 2014

The Second Half of 2014: Jupiter in Leo Heralds a Time of Introspection—Preparation for Your Golden Cycle August 2015 to August 2016
In the second half of the year it would be  important to prepare for your important golden year, when Jupiter moves to Virgo in August 2015, which will herald a year of reward and good fortune. To get you ready, the universe has initiated a powerful period of relative quiet and calm. You need to think, revamp your priorities, and generally make a plan. You will have a year to do so, but don't sit back and think, "I'll get to it eventually" because time moves quickly and you'll be distracted by many career events taking place all year.
In the second half of the 2014, you will likely see certain elements of your life swept away. This is a clearing out of the clutter and debris that you have built up since your last Jupiter-in-Leo visit from mid-2002 to mid-2003. Some of the things taken away may no longer interest you, but a few will be elements—people, projects, even possessions—that form the foundation of your present life. At first, you may be alarmed, but there is no need to feel that way. You life is about to become revitalized from the bottom up. It is the way of Jupiter to empty your basket now (July 2014 to August 2015) so that it can be filled with newer and better goodies next year. You may feel you need what is being taken away, but you don't. You will see the truth of this later. Have faith in the wisdom of the universe. 

Saturn will be in Scorpio and your third house of thinking and contractual matters. You may be working on a writing or speaking project, or a current work may be translated into other languages at this time. There are other kinds of languages—your new assignments may involve computer language—and you may be coding software or an app. Virgo often enjoys writing, so you might begin research or actual work on a book or thesis, and if so, that would be an excellent choice, for you'd give your venture all the concentration it deserves. Saturn in Scorpio  is in what is called a "mutual reception" with Pluto, meaning Pluto and Saturn will buddy up like two best friends, and help you bring a creative project into being, and it will be one that has fantastic profit potential. 

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