Pisces Love Horoscope 2014

Love and Relationships

It is not surprising that someone as ‘otherworldly’ as the Pisces would like a partner who is practical and down to earth. Pisces prefer a partner who is on top of all the details of life, because they dislike details. Pisces seek this quality in both their romantic and professional partners. More than anything else this gives Pisces a feeling of being grounded, of being in touch with reality.

As expected, these kinds of relationships – though necessary – are sure to have many ups and downs. Misunderstandings will take place because the two attitudes are poles apart. If you are in love with a Pisces you will experience these fluctuations and will need a lot of patience to see things stabilize. Pisces are moody, intuitive, affectionate and difficult to get to know. Only time and the right attitude will yield Pisces’ deepest secrets. However, when in love with a Pisces you will find that riding the waves is worth it because they are good, sensitive people who need and like to give love and affection.

When in love, Pisces like to fantasize. For them fantasy is 90 per cent of the fun of a relationship. They tend to idealize their partner, which can be good and bad at the same time. It is bad in that it is difficult for anyone to live up to the high ideals their Pisces lover sets.

Pisces Love and Relationship trends 2014

A general sense of well being will be complemented by an unusually busy social calendar and this should keep you happily occupied at the start of the year and looking forward to changes for the better.

With Neptune in your sign you have an aura of sex appeal about you which will attract admirers and invitations to parties and other social events throughout the year. If you are single, you could find the perfect partner for you while attending a rather strange occasion such as a ghost-hunt, fancy dress party or stage medium.

Partnerships, alliances and close relationships of all kinds are highlighted in the summer and this should be a generally happy period with a pronounced romantic chord for both the single and committed Piscean.

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