Libra Love Horoscope 2014

Love and Relationships

Librans express their true genius in love. In love you could not find a partner more romantic, more seductive or more fair. If there is one thing that is sure to destroy a relationship – sure to block your love from flowing – it is injustice or imbalance between lover and beloved. If one party is giving too much or taking too much, resentment is sure to surface at some time or other. Librans are careful about this. If anything, Librans might err on the side of giving more, but never giving less.

If you are in love with a Libra, make sure you keep the aura of romance alive. Do all the little things – candle-lit dinners, travel to exotic locales, flowers and small gifts. Give things that are beautiful, not necessarily expensive. Send cards. Ring regularly even if you have nothing in particular to say. The niceties are very important to a Libra. Your relationship is a work of art: make it beautiful and your Libran lover will appreciate it. If you are creative about it, he or she will appreciate it even more; for this is how your Libra will behave towards you.

Librans like their partners to be aggressive and even a bit self-willed. They know that these are qualities they sometimes lack and so they like their partners to have them. In relationships, however, Librans can be very aggressive – but always in a subtle and charming way! Librans are determined in their efforts to charm the object of their desire – and this determination can be very pleasant if you are on the receiving end.

Libra Love and Relationship trends 2014

2014 will start of on a friendly and sociable note with Venus, planet of love in your 3rd house of communications. Expect to enjoy your New Year celebrations and in January there will be plenty opportunity to meet like-minded friends.

If you are single, there should be some great chances for new romances to develop in February and between 12th March and 20th June. During the first quarter of the year, home affairs should also be pleasantly smooth running and you might enjoy entertaining friends and groups in your home.

Between August 17th and 11th September, romantic dreams will start to come true. If you are already half of a duo, exciting developments in your relationship will give you a lot to look forward to in the future. If you are single, you could meet the partner of your dreams.

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