Leo Rising

If your Rising sign is Leo, what follows is a description of its effect on your horoscope.

With Leo on the Ascendant, that is, in the 1st house, the planet that rules Leo is therefore in the 1st house. That planet is the Sun. Here it may give you a special robustness—in appearance, in health, in spirit, in action—that you can count on long after your normal energy reserves have dried up. On the negative side, the Sun here may give you an overdose of pride or insolence. Such pride could make you quick to resent or retaliate when reason instead should be the response.

Leo in the 1st house accentuates every Leo trait, for the Rising sign has a strong influence in your horoscope. A flair for the dramatic will be especially evident in the fabric of your life. You like managing people and events as long as you can play center stage, or at least weave a powerful character part, for much of the time. You could create intrigue if it provides an opportunity for you to take a leading role. However much you like pulling strings, though, your frank and generous disposition rises above petty disputes. You abhor superficial alliances or cliques of any sort. There may also be drama in your personal appearance and in your possessions and surroundings. You have been known to adorn yourself and your environment as much, maybe sometimes more, for the effect it will create as for the comfort it will give you and others.

Your appearance itself, whether natural or affected, may well run to the true Leo type: high coloring, proud head, bold stance. You can use physical gestures as signals to people—to lure, to persuade, to threaten. And because love, especially to be loved, is a fundament of your ego, your body language acts instinctively to attract people to you. Your search for identity will never be a solitary, introspective one. Public appreciation and power are important to you. You need constant interaction with and approval from people. You are likely to find the most satisfying ties with groups whose goals are humanitarian and ideological, whether the groups are social or po litical or educational. But before you do, you may discover in youth and early adulthood many facets of yourself through creations that are not so tightly bound to an organized group. And it is imperative for you to create—a work of art, a child, an intrigue, a love affair, a partnership, a principle. Your need for people may reflect an inner insecurity. That self-image, which you experience as constantly changing, may not be actualized until you see it mirrored in people’s responses; a positive one reinforces your natural enthusiasm, a negative one may induce self-pity. Your need for creation may also be tied to the building of an ego.

You seek success, and are very likely to get your lion’s share of it in your lifetime, through what you do, not through what you are. For what you do allows you to know and then to be who you are. You expect your creations and your things to bestow honor upon you; they are not merely natural or spontaneous expressions. Above all, love and loyalty are the key words through which you with Leo Rising seek to root yourself in your environment. Love and loyalty motivate your simplest act, your grandest attempt. They, too, can be the cause of pain and loss. You are happiest when you love and are loved in return.

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