Leo Money Horoscope 2014

Financial Horoscope for Leo

Leos are great leaders but not necessarily good managers. They are better at handling the overall picture than the nitty-gritty details of business. If they have good managers working for them they can become exceptional executives. They have vision and a lot of creativity.

Leos love wealth for the pleasures it can bring. They love an opulent lifestyle, pomp and glamour. Even when they are not wealthy they live as if they are. This is why many fall into debt, from which it is sometimes difficult to emerge.

Leos, like Pisceans, are generous to a fault. Very often they want to acquire wealth solely so that they can help others economically. Wealth to Leo buys services and managerial ability. It creates jobs for others and improves the general well-being of those around them. Therefore – to a Leo – wealth is good. Wealth is to be enjoyed to the fullest. Money is not to be left to gather dust in a mouldy bank vault but to be enjoyed, spread around, used. So Leos can be quite reckless in their spending.

With the sign of Virgo on Leo’s 2nd house (of money) cusp, Leo needs to develop some of Virgo’s traits of analysis, discrimination and purity when it comes to money matters. They must learn to be more careful with the details of finance (or to hire people to do this for them). They have to be more cost-conscious in their spending habits. Generally, they need to manage their money better. Leos tend to chafe under financial constraints, yet these constraints can help Leos to reach their highest financial potential.

Leos like it when their friends and family know that they can depend on them for financial support. They do not mind – and even enjoy – lending money, but they are careful that they are not taken advantage of. From their ‘regal throne’ Leos like to bestow gifts upon their family and friends and then enjoy the good feelings these gifts bring to everybody. Leos love financial speculations and – when the celestial influences are right – are often lucky.

Leo Money Horoscope 2014

This year one of the big features has to do with Neptune into Pisces, the sign it rules, and your eighth house of other people's money (also called the house of joint resources) where he will stay  until January 2026. You've never experienced Neptune in Pisces, for the last time this planet visited this sign was between 1847 and 1862, which was, if you recall history, a time of the blossoming of some rare and beautiful artistic expression in music, poetry, painting, and other cultural arts.
Neptune is known to bring inspiration. It is a planet always linked to creativity, so in the coming years, you may start to make a tidy sum from your artistic creations, or from working in the creative realm, even as support staff (say, from accounting or human resources, or as an agent or manager). The fact that Neptune will be in Pisces means that Neptune will be in its home base, the sign it rules, and will express its most loving, sterling, and outstanding qualities in this sign. Deriving your income from the arts or from products of your imagination would be an ideal way to use Neptune in Pisces. As long as you stay practical, earthy, and real in all your expectations (and negotiations), you can make a killing from your artistic talents.
Your eighth house, where Neptune is, rules credit cards, loans, lines of credit, venture capital, taxes, inheritance, divorce settlements and child support, commissions, bonuses, and so forth. These are the areas that may become uncertain. An inheritance may be unclear and take time to sort out, or an insurance claim may bring problems and lots of extra paperwork to settle. Or it may simply be that the insurance company is dragging its heels to avoid the proper payout, in which case you might hire an ombudsman or your lawyer to help.
There is another, less positive manifestation that might occur from Neptune in the eighth house, however, and that is that Neptune can bring his characteristic fog to financial matters, obscuring important details. To counteract this, from the very start insist on looking at all financial statements and have the right to audit all statements if you suspect something is wrong, or if you have questions. It may sound unromantic to do a credit check on a proposed romantic partner before marriage, but considering Neptune's position, I suggest you do it. The same would be true if you are taking on a business partner or are working with another firm to share profits. Do your due diligence. You may want to hire a reputable financial advisor or accountant during this phase, but if you are good at financial management, this may not be necessary.
These are the areas of possible problems in years ahead, but if you secure the hatches, you should be fine. As said, the arts will be a possible area of considerable profit, so perhaps you can make use of that side of Neptune in Pisces.

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