Leo Career Horoscope 2014

Career, Work and Public Image for Leo

Leos like to be perceived as wealthy, for in today’s world wealth often equals power. When they attain wealth they love having a large house with lots of land and animals.

At their jobs Leos excel in positions of authority and power. They are good at making decisions – on a grand level – but they prefer to leave the details to others. Leos are well respected by their colleagues and subordinates, mainly because they have a knack for understanding and relating to those around them. Leos usually strive for the top positions even if they have to start at the bottom and work hard to get there. As might be expected of such a charismatic sign, Leos are always trying to improve their work situation. They do so in order to have a better chance of advancing to the top.

On the other hand, Leos do not like to be bossed around or told what to do. Perhaps this is why they aspire so for the top – where they can be the decision-makers and need not take orders from others.

Leos never doubt their success and focus all their attention and efforts on achieving it. Another great Leo characteristic is that – just like good monarchs – they do not attempt to abuse the power or success they achieve. If they do so this is not wilful or intentional. Usually they like to share their wealth and try to make everyone around them join in their success.

Leos are – and like to be perceived as – hard-working, well-established individuals. It is definitely true that they are capable of hard work and often manage great things. But do not forget that, deep down inside, Leos really are fun-lovers.

Leo Career Horoscope 2014 - Work Trends 2014

International Work Very Possible as the Borders of Your World Expand
Intellectual stimulation, through university study or travel abroad, will be bright and exciting from now on, for the electric planet, Uranus, has fully settled into your ninth house to stay until March 2019. You will be eager for new subjects to tackle and learn about in many areas of your life. This glowing area of your chart rules attitude and opinion too, so during the coming years, as Uranus makes his journey through your expansive ninth house, your horizons will open wide. New opportunities will come up, and rather than view them in their most narrow sense, you will see them in their biggest, most panoramic potential. Later, looking back, you may wonder why you thought in such marginal terms.
You may suddenly decide to go back to college for an advanced degree or take a few college courses you think would be interesting. In months and years ahead, you will find increasing joy in debating and delving into politics, religion, culture, and other topics with friends. You will be more likely to pick up a book and devour the ideas of one or more great thinkers. You may become more spiritual or philosophical now, for the ninth house is the area of the chart that rules religion and many of life's mysteries, including such topics to consider as why were you born and what might be your greatest contribution to the world. This will be a wonderfully invigorating place for this planet of unexpected developments!
Writing and speaking could be part of your future too, and if you've always wanted to create a successful screenplay or a best-selling book, in coming years this dream could come to be. If this thought appeals to you, focus on this dream and pretend you only have a year to make your screenplay or book contract materialize.  .
Travel, both distant and near, will likely form a bigger part of your future than it has, now with Uranus in your ninth house. When you do travel, you will likely go more spontaneously. You might even decide to live abroad for a time or go overseas to work. It's alternatively possible that you will begin to work with publishing or broadcasting companies abroad without ever having to leave your desk, and you'd still find the experience broadening and exciting.

Mars in Libra Will Bring Business Trips, Publicity, Contracts 
Mars will remain in your third house, your travel sector, for an usually long time— until July 26, 2014—indicating that if you occasionally travel for work, you will be on the road more often than you have in years past. If you are in sales or management, your most lucrative clients will be based out of town within a short day's drive. It would be in your interest to have face time with your clients rather than do things over the phone or by email. You will travel mostly by car, bus, or rail and not as likely by air for the majority of your trips.
If you are self-employed, you may decide to launch a very successful advertising or publicity campaign in the first half of the year—consider this option, and again, have everything ready to go by late April or early May. This is also true if you are employed by others and oversee advertising and promotional efforts for your company.
The third house, so lit up for you, also governs contracts, so you may find you are negotiating a lot of deals from March through May, 20. In that case, do not sign while Mercury is retrograde (from February 6 to February 28, from June 7 to July 1, from October 4 to October 25),
The emphasis on your third house could also indicate that your sister or brother will play a prominent role in the coming year. You may be working together in a business or special project, or you may be planning a personal surprise together, such as a reunion or anniversary party for your parents. There are many possibilities. Mars in this area of your chart might bring conflicts with a sibling from time to time too, but, fortunately, Mars in Libra blends beautifully with your Leo Sun, so chances are your relationship will go smoothly.

Venus Retrograde (January 1 to January 31) : Venus Rules Your Tenth House of Career—Expect to Backpedal
This year is a minefield of weak, retrograde planets, so you have to sidestep them. When Venus is retrograde, the company you are talking to may be undergoing a reorganization and temporarily be unsure of what to do. In fact, the company may have a hiring freeze. Or top executives may be out of town and the hiring process may temporarily stall while they are away. You won't be able to initiate any actions until  January 31, however, because Venus will go retrograde from January 1 to January 31.
What Venus does matters to you because Venus rules your solar tenth house of career success. It's as if gentle Venus will give you all she's got after January, when, being completely exhausted, she will collapse in a heap and need 4 weeks to recover! She'll head to her boudoir to sleep and have her "Do Not Disturb" sign on her door. As soon as Venus closes her door, you may hit a career snag, or you may simply find that VIPs are hard to reach or are indecisive. This is not good, because Venus controls your career progress in your solar chart.
This shows how accurate your aim has to be in January, if you are to nab the top career spot then. The coming year has a lot of booby trap days, and you will have to navigate around these difficult periods carefully. Your brilliant stellar days will be lodged in between very difficult days. As long as you note the special days and avoid the difficult retrograde periods, you will navigate successfully.

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