Capricorn Rising

If your rising sign is Capricorn, what follows is a description of its effects on your horoscope.

For those of you with Capricorn Rising, that is, in the 1st house, the planet that is rising in the 1st house is Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Saturn here gives you an extraordinary philosophical capacity and at the same a penchant for lone pursuits. You can see reality from many perspectives, and you feel impelled to test the viability of each framework you discover. But you would rather do it your own way, not other people’s, and be accountable only to yourself, not to anyone else.

Saturn in this position also gives you a melancholy turn of mind. You have an immense respect for the best order of things, for the way people should relate to each other in order to support each other. And you want to weave this order and support not only into the fabric of your own life but also into the larger tapestry of society as a whole. Thus you are very social, but your underlying drive is to integrate concepts of how people should behave with your self-concept. You start with a principle and you try to expand it. You are not concerned with peer pressure or popularity. Indeed, your aloofness, combined with your solitary habits, taciturn moods, and great powers of concentration, make some people think that you do not care at all or that you have an undeveloped conscience. Quite the opposite is true. Because of these traits you have a remarkable ability to create far-reaching plans and to see them through. You can put kaleidoscopic images into focus, you can galvanize scattered energies into a powerful momentum.

You are an excellent manipulator of ideas and a good manager of people. You are happiest when such tasks face you and when you have unlimited responsibility to carry them out. A family or a company is grist for your mill. Power to you means the ability to achieve your aims. Power is not fame, fortune, fondness, or any other measure of how people judge you. You are your own judge. On the other hand, Capricorn Rising individuals are quite sensitive to the ways in which people treat your principles. In your mind your identity and your principles are merged, so when your ideas are insulted, you are insulted. You dislike rule breakers, and for that you may earn a reputation for sternness. You detest traitors, philanderers, cheats of all kinds, and for that you may be called rigid or old-fashioned. You consider a breach of support or trust dishonorable because it is harmful, and you can be pitiless in your scorn of the perpetrator.

Your persona may be so identified with your principles that you check impulses, shun spontaneity. You could refuse to let mirth show in your face even though you are probably the first peson to see humor in a situation. You could insulate your feelings because they don’t seem to fit your preconceptions; contradiction is a theme you seldom tolerate. And only until you have generalized the meaning of an event, an interaction, an emotion, will you then relax into it. The key words for those of you with Capricorn Rising are form and focus. Your own uphill struggle is a model of success for those who would despair and give in. Don’t conserve your talents in seclusion.