Capricorn Career Horoscope 2014

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A Capricorn’s ambition and quest for power are evident. It is perhaps the most ambitious sign of the zodiac – and usually the most successful in a worldly sense. However, there are lessons Capricorns need to learn in order to fulfil their highest aspirations.

Intelligence, hard work, cool efficiency and organization will take them a certain distance, but will not carry them to the very top. Capricorns need to cultivate their social graces, to develop a social style, along with charm and an ability to get along with people. They need to bring beauty into their lives and to cultivate the right social contacts. They must learn to wield power gracefully, so that people love them for it – a very delicate art. They also need to learn how to bring people together in order to fulfil certain objectives. In short, Capricorns require some of the gifts – the social graces – of Libra to get to the top.

Once they have learned this, Capricorns will be successful in their careers. They are ambitious hard workers who are not afraid of putting in the required time and effort. Capricorns take their time in getting the job done – in order to do it well – and they like moving up the corporate ladder slowly but surely. Being so driven by success, Capricorns are generally liked by their bosses, who respect and trust them.

Capricorn Work Trends 2014

Saturn in your 11th house suggests people you know and mix with socially may also be linked with your career. Some of these people will take a negative attitude to your goals or towards your current success. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by this.

You have the vitality and energy as well as the enthusiasm to follow your most cherished ambitions in 2014. Just be careful about who you discuss your future career plans with as if the wrong people get to hear what you are thinking about this could give rivals an opportunity to get in first on a project you have set your sights on.

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