Aries Rising


With Aries on the Ascendant, the planet rising in your 1st house is Mars, the ruler of Aries. This is a natural placement for Mars, because the 1st house is the proper home of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and of its ruler Mars. This position gives you undaunted courage and strong recuperative powers. It makes you extraordinarily resistant to stress, strain, and sickness. You are specially lucky in that you probably will live a long life bent on success. The planet Pluto is often regarded as co-ruler of Aries. Pluto rising together with Mars can increase your chances of success. Pluto has a banishing effect on enemies and troubles. Just when you feel most hard pressed by personal loss or public enmity, Pluto negates the power of these harmful forces.

Aries Rising people stamp the environment with vitality. You have a great need for instant success, which imparts an urgency to all of your undertakings. You are a picture of boundless energy, unlimited courage, untapped reserves. In love, in work, in study, you want realistic rewards, but you want them right away. As soon as your need is gratified, you may lose interest in a person or project; sometimes you don’t stay around to see it through. People may say you lack foresight, but you can honestly answer that you see a brighter horizon elsewhere. Your vision is as bold as your bids for self-actualization. You are a loner, fiercely guarding your independence. But you are not shy or reticent; rather, you are confident, sometimes boastful. You thrive on challenge; you are reckless of danger; you invite competition and combat. And you frequently gain by these means. You keenly feel oppression; you are more sensitive than others to rank, responsibility, privilege, and the power these confer. If you cannot be at the head of things, you want at least a free hand. But if you are not allowed a free hand, then you don’t want to participate. These traits make some of you Aries poor team players, others of you notorious rebels. Those of you with Aries Rising are blessed with the knack of invention.

You know how to start things, to fix things, to make things work. You are quick-witted, a good judge of character and situation; you can size up a scene swiftly and accurately. You are handy and creative. You have a wide repertoire of skills, and you won’t get slotted into dead-end routes or stuck in routines. You are always eager to go ahead, to make daring new moves—sometimes overeager, hasty, shortsighted. You scorn defeat, though, so no loss holds you back. Like the Ram, your zodiacal symbol, you butt your way through all the obstacles. Personal fulfillment is your goal. Because you are so totally absorbed in it, some people find you insensitive. Indeed, your assertive sweep can be a blunt weapon. Your anger, too, can be devastating. Piqued by pride or vanity, it can give rise to passionate revenge, careless actions, disorderly behavior. Combined with righteousness, anger can make you a formidable opponent of antiquated ideas, of a society rigid with formalities. You can reject all that aggressively, fearlessly. The key words for Aries Rising are impulse and action. Self-fulfillment comes through a balance of these forces in order to meet the challenges of material success and inner growth.

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