Aquarius Rising

If your Rising sign is Aquarius, what follows is a description of its effects on your horoscope.

With Aquarius Rising, that is, in the 1st house, your two planetary rulers—Uranus and Saturn—are in the 1st house, making a study in opposites, contrasts, and complementary qualities. Uranus gives that impulsive, individualistic streak to the personality; Saturn confers a shy yet determined manner. Uranus accents the radical, eccentric tendencies of mind; Saturn roots you in the traditional, sober values of group consensus. Both planets reinforce an independent, stubborn nature. Where Uranus promotes a restless search for adventure and surprise, Saturn dampens with caution and the realities of life. The intuition necessary to transform practical ideas into inspirational ones comes from Uranus. And the discipline needed to correct your often erratic ways and to tune in to your subconscious comes from Saturn.

You with Aquarius Rising may often live your life as a reformer. If you’re not actually dedicated to a group or a cause whose goal is revamping societal or intellectual ideals, then you’re reforming your children, your own lifestyle, your work methods, your social standards, your wayward friends; if you don’t have any of the latter, you’ll pick up plenty en route in your zeal. In practical terms, that makes you an excellent organizer because you can streamline any mode of thought or action. And you’re absolutely determined to do so, no matter how long it takes or how much opposition you meet along the way. As a matter of fact, an adversary position suits you nicely because you have equal mixtures of determination and shyness. The impersonality of public debate, ideological struggle hides a wavering, almost blushing, sense of personal self.

Some people accuse you of being casual and indifferent, but they should only know how painful it is for you to assert yourself in the area of feelings, emotions, idle longings. Sometimes the personal crunch makes the difference whether you will stay in a project, a relationship, or leave it. Often it is your oversensitivity to people, rather than a search for new intellectual challenge, that is the conflict you cannot bear. You could win both the most valuable member award and the most popular person award, such is your array of talents and native genius. You’re good at almost every subject—mechanical, artistic, logical, verbal. And you have a breezy, open friendliness, shorn of sentimentality or heavy emotion, that makes people like you on instinct.

You don’t trust or give of yourself too freely, but prefer to circulate with a lot of people where you will not be limited by the short-range demands of friendship or by the deeper needs of one-to-one communion in which intense sexuality and love are expected. Being easily and painfully disappointed, you sometimes opt for humaneness over humanness. Freedom and friendship are two key words associated with Aquarius Rising. Apply them in efforts to expand your lifestyle, deepen and strengthen your commitments, rather than letting them keep you an aloof, solitary figure