Aquarius Career Horoscope 2014

Career and Public Image

Aquarians like to be perceived not only as the breakers of barriers but also as the transformers of society and the world. They long to be seen in this light and to play this role. They also look up to and respect other people in this position and even expect their superiors to act this way.

Aquarians prefer jobs that have a bit of idealism attached to them – careers with a philosophical basis. Aquarians need to be creative at work, to have access to new techniques and methods. They like to keep busy and enjoy getting down to business straightaway, without wasting any time. They are often the quickest workers and usually have suggestions for improvements that will benefit their employers. Aquarians are also very helpful with their co-workers and welcome responsibility, preferring this to having to take orders from others.

If Aquarians want to reach their highest career goals they have to develop more emotional sensitivity, depth of feeling and passion. They need to learn to narrow their focus on the essentials and concentrate more on the job in hand. Aquarians need ‘a fire in the belly’ – a consuming passion and desire – in order to rise to the very top. Once this passion exists they will succeed easily in whatever they attempt.

Aquarius Work Trends 2014

Saturn at the top of your chart will help keep you focused on your career aims. Saturn will encourage all your efforts at work. Now the 10th house, besides being the house associated with goals and personal achievements is also the zone of public acclaim and Saturn in this area will give you the confidence, through the respect coming your way from others to strive towards higher goals. You will have the strength and stamina to tackle jobs that have been shelved. You will be more organised than usual, neater than you have been and more serious about your professional aims. This will take a lot of people by surprise.

The main thing to bear in mind is that where your career and public affairs are concerned, with Saturn in your solar tenth house, it would be sensible to stick to tried and trusted methods and procedures. Show respect to those in power, especially when dealing with officialdom as Saturn is a strict disciplinarian and this planet will swiftly deliver retribution for laziness, disrespect and careless mistakes.

So with Saturn planet of discipline at the top of your chart, you must be prepared to put in a lot of effort to bring your plans to a worthwhile conclusion. Saturn always rewards hard work and disciplined effort. If you aren’t prepared to work at it, you can’t expect to get results.

It is possible that some matters will not work out as expected or commitments you take on in 2014 will be more tying and difficult than anticipated. It is always important not to become discouraged by temporary setbacks when Saturn is in the picture. Likewise, don’t become too down-heartened during those periods when nothing very much seems to be happening.

There is a possibility of problems with knees, joints and bones during 2014. If you are involved in sporting activities, be very careful of these areas.

Life will be demanding. You need to brace yourself for some challenging situations ahead. Heavy responsibilities will be piled onto your broad shoulders and this is your chance to prove to others who have doubted you in the past, exactly what you are capable of.

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