Taurus Money Horoscope 2014

Financial Horoscope for Taurus

Taurus is very money-conscious. Wealth is more important to them than to many other signs. Wealth to a Taurus means comfort and security. Wealth means stability. Where some zodiac signs feel that they are spiritually rich if they have ideas, talents or skills, Taurus only feels wealth when they can see and touch it. Taurus’ way of thinking is, ‘What good is a talent if it has not been translated into a home, furniture, car and holidays?’

These are all reasons why Taurus excels in estate agency and agricultural industries. Usually a Taurus will end up owning land. They love to feel their connection to the Earth. Material wealth began with agriculture, the tilling of the soil. Owning a piece of land was humanity’s earliest form of wealth: Taurus still feels that primeval connection.

It is in the pursuit of wealth that Taurus develops intellectual and communication ability. Also, in this pursuit Taurus is forced to develop some flexibility. It is in the quest for wealth that they learn the practical value of the intellect and come to admire it. If it were not for the search for wealth and material things, Taurus people might not try to reach a higher intellect.

Some Taurus people are ‘born lucky’ – the type who win any gamble or speculation. This luck is due to other factors in their horoscope; it is not part of their essential nature. By nature they are not gamblers. They are hard workers and like to earn what they get. Taurus’ innate conservatism makes them abhor unnecessary risks in finance and in other areas of their lives.

Horoscope Taurus - Money Trends 2014

Jupiter in Leo in the second half of the year will allow you to buy or rent a beautiful new apartment or house. If you prefer to stay where you are based now, you will be able to make stylish improvements. Jupiter brings financial benefits, too, so depending on what you choose to do to take steps to make it more attractive, your home could easily appreciate in value.
If you do move, your new home that you lease or buy is likely to be very spacious and sunny, for Jupiter enlarges all that it touches. Yet you may not have to move at all to get Jupiter's benefits of spaciousness—someone you share your home with now may move out, leaving you so much more space. With no need to find a someone else, you will be able to use the space as you wish. This is only one example of how Jupiter works his magic—you may see different manifestations.
Your home and family—including your residence, other possible property, and concerns about family, particularly a parent—will be the very best area where most of your luck will be focused and where most of your growth and happiness will be centered starting this June and continuing for one year. If you want to buy a house, fix up your present home, or even buy a weekend country home, this would be your best time in twelve years to do so. Changes and additions you make to your present home now would vastly appreciate its value.
When looking at new properties, do not settle for a less than special space that feels "just okay." Instead, choose the space I see for you, namely a large, sunny house or apartment with a view and large closets. If you plan to live in the country, the house would have land surrounding it and may offer a garden. Working on your outside property as well as on the inside of your home would be a great idea. If you already have a home in the country, this would be the year to hire a landscapist to help you redesign the flowers and greenery on your property, and if you live in the city, to bring plants, a tree, or flowers inside.
If you are in danger of losing your home because you can't afford to pay the mortgage (perhaps because your house depreciated in the economic climate and you are classified as a homeowner "under water"), don't give up. Chances are, you can find a solution or government program that applies to you. Jupiter is called the planet of miracles, and with Pluto, ruling the government, so friendly to Mars, you have good reason to stay upbeat! Talk over your options with your banker sooner rather than later.
If you have had problems selling your home, change your strategy in consultation with your broker—perhaps adjust your price or stage the space differently. You should be able to get your home sold in the coming twelve months, and the price should please you. Jupiter always brings financial benefit to all he touches. Of course, there is always the danger of being overly optimistic with Jupiter, so keep things real at all times.

Your impending visit of Jupiter starting in 27 July will bring you substantial family support, too. If you need a loan from your parents to help you pay your rent or other living expenses because you are out of work, don't be too shy to ask. If you want to make little additions to your home that would require a carpenter that you can't afford, your father may volunteer to help you put up shelves or make other little changes. You might even get an outright gift of cash from your parents to help you with your down payment on a purchase of a house or condo.

Jupiter will not only bring you luck from family, but will also bring luck to your parents as well—it works both ways. If one has been ill, the move of Jupiter into this house could prove a blessing, for you should see an upturn in your parent's health in time.

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