Cancer Money Horoscope 2014

Financial Horoscope for Cancer

The Cancer-born has a deep sense of what other people feel about things and why they feel as they do. This faculty is a great asset in the workplace and in the business world. Of course it is also indispensable in raising a family and building a home, but it also has its uses in business. Cancerians often attain great wealth in a family business. Even if the business is not a family operation, they will treat it as one. If the Cancerian works for somebody else, then the boss is the parental figure and the co-workers are brothers and sisters. If a Cancerian is the boss, then all the workers are his or her children. Cancerians like the feeling of being providers for others. They enjoy knowing that others derive their sustenance because of what they do. It is another form of nurturing.

With Leo on their solar 2nd house (of money) cusp, Cancerians are often lucky speculators, especially with residential property or hotels and restaurants. Resort hotels and nightclubs are also profitable for the Cancerian. Waterside properties allure them. Though they are basically conventional people, they sometimes like to earn their livelihood in glamorous ways.

The Sun, Cancer’s money planet, represents an important financial message: in financial matters Cancerians need to be less moody, more stable and fixed. They cannot allow their moods – which are here today and gone tomorrow – to get in the way of their business lives. They need to develop their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth if they are to realize their greatest financial potential.

Cancer Money Horoscope 2014

Saturn is in your fifth house, a house considered a house of creativity and other matters, but this house is also associated with financial speculation, specifically, money you would put in the stock market. So there is still another way things may have worked out for you with Saturn in your fifth house. This same area that we have talked about (that covers romance, love, and children) also covers your creative projects. You may find one assignment has taken more time and money to complete than you had previously estimated. Sometimes that happens, and you had little choice but to do what you had to do to maintain the integrity of the project and finish it.
Money—in terms of income and wealth—is found in a complex way in a chart. It is clear that your financial picture is improving in a gratifying way. Be careful about any speculative investments you make in the stock market, or in any risky business venture for that matter. In the coming year, go for tried-and-true stocks and deals and stay on the safe side. Of course, if you have a trusted broker or financial advisor, huddle with that person and take that person's advice.

I love the aspects of September 25, when Uranus will receive shimmering vibrations from Jupiter. Jupiter will be ensconced in your salary sector by then, so you'd have an excellent chance of seeing your income rise, perhaps when you get a surprise. This day will be nestled in between difficult ones, like a jewel surrounded by thorns, but you still can benefit if you carefully choose your day to initiate action.

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