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Career, Work and Public Image for Cancer

Aries rules the 10th solar house (of career) cusp of Cancer, which indicates that Cancerians long to start their own business, to be more active publicly and politically and to be more independent. Family responsibilities and a fear of hurting other people’s feelings – or getting hurt themselves – often inhibit them from attaining these goals. However, this is what they want and long to do.

Cancerians like their bosses and leaders to act freely and to be a bit self-willed. They can deal with that in a superior. They expect their leaders to be fierce on their behalf. When the Cancerian is in the position of boss or superior he or she behaves very much like a ‘warlord’. Of course the wars they wage are not egocentric but in defence of those under their care. If they lack some of this fighting instinct – independence and pioneering spirit – Cancerians will have extreme difficulty in attaining their highest career goals. They will be hampered in their attempts to lead others.

Since they are so parental, Cancerians like to work with children and make great educators and teachers.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2014 - Work Trends 2014

Mission One in 2014: To Revitalize Your Career While Avoiding Pitfalls Caused By Impulsiveness—Uranus Will Be in Aries until 2019

Your most pressing task is to reinvent and revamp your career. There were signals that this would be necessary in 2013 or even the year before that. This is not easy to do, of course, so it would be understandable if you found the process taking much time and thought.
It was easy to see that reinventing yourself on the job was going to have to be a big priority. It didn't hurt that getting a better position would bring in more money—that always helps in periods of transition. It was set then—career had to take first priority.
Uranus, the planet of out-of-the-blue developments, arrived in March 2011 and will stay until September 2019. The so-called "outer planets"—the ones that spin on the outer edges of our solar system—set up the major themes that we work on for years at a time. This group of planets, which include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, move slowly and remain quite awhile in each part of the chart that they visit. This allows these planets to have a more lasting, memorable effect. With the exception of Jupiter (which stays a year) and Saturn (which stays two years), the rest of this gang stays between seven and sixteen years in a sign.
Uranus is one of the outer planets, and although he may move slowly, he brings results very quickly. There is a reason this planet is called the Great Awakener—his messages are delivered like lightning bolts. Having Uranus in your tenth house of professional success and reputation meant life at the office was not going to be dull any more, not by any means. While many of the surprises you experienced in 2013 were welcome, some were not, and you might have suffered a reversal or two.

This on/off, up/down, positive/negative charge will continue for several more years, until late 2019. Uranus rules alternating current of electricity (among other things), so you get the picture. The main job of Uranus is to teach us to think on our feet, to overcome adversity when necessary, and to become flexible, resourceful, and adaptable.
You were, and will still be, ready to rework your career, perhaps taking apart the pieces—each piece representing facets of your experience and talents—and reassembling them in a new way, like a magic puzzle that has more than one way to fit together to create a finished result.

It is not a question of simply finding a new job or a new career direction that suits the marketplace (although that's become increasingly important to you too), but to choose your life's true vocation. That's a hugely important distinction, for Uranus will fuel your passion if you find the occupation that can do that for you. Your focus in 2014 will be to find ways to motivate yourself continually and rekindle your enthusiasm for your work, for if you do, you will turn yourself into a standout.

You are currently moving into new, and at times, ambiguous territory where getting the right information is going to take some work, and in some cases will not be possible at all. Uranus can bring the kind of situations that have to be decided upon in the blink of an eye, creating a danger from lack of preparation or knowledge about standards, rules, and regulations. When it comes to business, you had to learn those rules before jumping in, even if you didn't have any interest in doing so, because if you didn't, or don't in the future, there would be consequences. You have your reading cut out for you, but you may have had to hire the right experts to advise you and also listen to "street talk," which will prove to be the most valuable of all. With so many planets in earth signs, being street savvy and practical will be important assets.
You will find out all the facts you need to know eventually and only after you are in the situation, but the sticky part is that you'll need to make certain decisions ahead of time. This has forced, and will continue to force, you to rely on your instincts. Fortunately, as a water sign, your intuition is your strong suit. Yet at the same time, the moon rules your sign, dear Cancer, and the moon causes you to vacillate, look back, and relentlessly second-guess yourself. No one would have fared better than you in the same situation (and could possibly have fared much worse), so there was no need to be hard on yourself. You are doing so well!
The Solution: Be Experimental and Innovative in Your Work

Uranus brings a disruptive, staccato (rather than a smooth) influence, so you may have made a career switch last year when you felt either bored, stagnating, or out of step with the spirit and needs of the times. With pressures as black and white as the ones you were feeling, you likely felt an overwhelming need to do something—anything! If you didn't change jobs or entire careers last year, you could at any time in the coming years.
If you discover you don't like the new position you took last year, you still may change it again this year, as experimentation often marks the once-in-a-lifetime trend that Uranus initiates over a seven-year period. Yet as mentioned, you aren't looking for just a job, but something much more ambitious—something you can fully embrace. You want a position where you can contribute knowledge, innovation, and leadership, and where you can make life better for others.
You also will want your new work to be in alignment with your values. With Uranus in this house, it would be unlikely that you would work for a company known to pollute the water supply if protecting the environment is a priority for you. In other words, you will want to align your inner values to your public persona and life's work.
Additionally, Uranus' journey through Aries puts a huge premium on independence and autonomy. You may have started, or may soon start, your own business, for Aries is the sign of the entrepreneur, and having your own shop would give you the freedom you crave. If you take a position working for others, be sure you won't be overly supervised, as this would be an instant turn-off and make you bolt in time.
Aries also is all about things new, so increasingly, you will be drawn to work in futuristic fields, such as in digital media, computerized cars, high-tech electronics, or any job that takes technology to new heights. The "green" industry fits that description, for sure. Uranus is also the planet said to represent the common man, the defender of rights, and of social reform. For these reasons you may be drawn to humanitarian/charitable/community or social work, or even to politics.
The idea of hosting Uranus, a planet known to create upheaval, in your tenth house of fame, honors, and prestigious professional advancement until 2019 may sound daunting, but this can also be the miraculous career development you've long awaited.
Uranus can set you on top of the mountain, dear Cancer. This planet is capable of creating the conditions where you find the right setting to showcase your talents. It is said that Uranus in this house can make you quite famous in your industry or in the world at large. Uranus is associated with a powerful, ambitious, and passionate expression of individuality, innovation, talent, and brilliance. Mercury rules thinking, but Uranus is the higher octave to Mercury, bringing the brainy functions of thinking, perception, communication, and the generation of ideas to a whole new level—that of genius.
People born with this planet in their tenth house couldn't care less about what other people think or say about them, so freed from the need to be "liked" makes them able to turn convention on its ear and think outside the box. People with a strongly placed Uranus (as you have now) have a different yardstick for success, and it's internal. These people say their mission is to challenge the status quo as well as conventional thinking, and continually to ask why things have to be the traditional way. While I don't know where your natal Uranus is based in your birth horoscope, dear Cancer, I do know you will host Uranus in this lofty professional tenth house for many years—and in that respect, you will get to have a taste of what people who were born with this aspect experience.
The late Steve Jobs had natal Uranus in this tenth house of fame all during his life, the same place you will host Uranus from now until 2019. Steve was a Pisces with Virgo rising and had Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer in his tenth house, giving him the gift of innovation and creativity. He is now hailed as an unconventional genius, a Thomas Edison of our time, but he was misunderstood and undervalued most of his life. He didn't care. He didn't let the critics who made fun of Apple during its formative years faze him, and he continued on his mission. Take inspiration from Steve Jobs!
Because Uranus only comes by for a seven-year visit once in a lifetime, since its journey around the Sun takes 84 years, you will be given a rare opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain and make your mark. This planet will also see to it that you remain in front and ahead of the pack with the work that you do. Uranus will give you the chance to strut your stuff. You may be called idiosyncratic and maybe even difficult in the process—most highly successful leaders are called that and more—but what do you care? By the time you get to 2019, you will have found your place in the world, and your contribution will be undisputed. This won't happen all by itself—you have to want it and work to build your reputation, of course, but if you do, the sky's the limit for you, dear Cancer.

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