Horoscope 2014 Taurus

Taurus - April 21 to May 21

Taurus Horoscope 2014 - Yearly horoscope forecast for Taurus


Taureans are one of the best host/esses of the zodiac but you’ll be delighted to find that with Jupiter in your solar third house until 16 July 2014,  you’ll be umbilically attached to your laptop, iPad or iPhone for the first half of the year. Perhaps you’ll be writing proposals, articles, blogs, stories, a book or putting together the content for a website. Other Taurus may be enjoying a return to night school, learning a new course while others are busy helping their children with their education, teaching them to read, count, or spell. You can expect more contact with your brothers and sisters now and this is the ideal time to get more involved in your local community. Introduce yourself to your neighbours! Wonderful days where your silver tongue and well-chosen written words can help you sell ice to the Eskimos, win over the man or woman or your dreams via a mind-blowing conversation, achieve an enormous legal victory or book the most amazing holiday of your life thanks to a helpful hotel or airline employee.

On 16 July, Jupiter enters in Leo, in your solar fourth house of family. This is the ideal time to look for a larger home or apartment, renovate, extend, invest in commercial property, advertise for tenants, welcome a family member back into the fold, or to become pregnant and expand your family. There is something quite fated about 4 August when you could feel that a family member or a household situation has gotten between you and your career but you will love, love, love 5 September for incredible joy and loveliness at home. A house you buy – or move into now – could start one of the happiest periods of your life. Decorating will be irresistible! And you could get a surprise boost to the family finances or you could suddenly purchase a property. When Jupiter goes retrograde on 8 December until 31 December 2014 you may come to a halt in plans to do with your living arrangements. You may not be able to move, renovate or extend until February 2015.


Saturn has entered in your solar seventh house of relationships since  6 October 2012  and he will leave this house on 24 December 2014. Over this time, you’ve experienced certain close companions as stern, judgemental, pessimistic, cautious, pragmatic, cynical and black-and-white in his/her views. But look in the mirror. You’ve been behaving like this at times, as well. Some relationships – or one in particular – have caused you a lot of pain. Taureans gravitate naturally to long-term, exclusive relationships so in general, Saturn’s push for commitment is not as anathema to you as say, those free-spirited Geminis and irresponsible Sagittarians! But some Taureans can drift for years in a going-nowhere relationship. It’s comfortable, but one or both of you can’t imagine marrying each other. Saturn will put a stop to this endless coasting: marry me or else! And those of you in committed relationships could feel the weight of responsibility now. Perhaps it really is all work and no play. Ironically, Saturn will force you to schedule some fun so you don’t abandon what and who is good for you.

Saturn will reward you in the end, whether you’re with someone new, or you’ve learnt how to manage your existing relationship, in 2014 you could move in together, propose, marry or end it if the commitment factor is lacking. Saturn does want you to make an effort! The seventh house also rules business partnerships, peers and your open enemies. The nastiest remarks that people openly say to you are ones you must take on board: unfortunately there will be more than a grain of truth to their criticism!
Just to check that you’re being serious, Saturn goes retrograde from 2 March until 20 July 2014, helping you to reassess your relationship and to confirm your long-term suitability.

Saturn makes a beautiful trine to Jupiter on 24 May giving you hope and a shared commitment towards your relationship. If you’re single, you may meet a real keeper through one of your friends. Single Taureans could meet a wonderful long-term partner via friends on  24 May while coupled-up Bulls will thoroughly enjoy being out with friends that evening, enjoying the togetherness with others. You may plan, book or depart for a sexy holiday on 26 December – some of you could return with a tan, a (wo)man, and/or a proposal. Others may decide to make their coupledom official. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Clause.

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