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Yearly horoscope forecast Scorpio (October 24 to November 22)

Horoscope 2014 Scorpio: OPPORTUNITIES FOR SCORPIO IN 2014

Until mid-July at least, you will have the curious planetary combination of a spendthrift who loves to travel – Jupiter – being in his own solar ninth house of travel. So you want to get away and have some fun. I think not only do you need a break, and deserve one, you are destined to have one! I think you’re likely to make the best use of your frequent flyer miles, your hotel guest rewards cards, your [insert company name here] loyalty program that gives you membership discounts not to mention those social group-buying offers as well as your list of contacts to ensure a trip goes ahead! Circle 18 April as the Golden Day to depart or book a holiday with your lover. It is such a fertile day that couples who hadn’t considered children yet could get pregnant. Single Scorpio on holidays could meet The One. You’ll also enormously enjoy holidays taken on 18 June and 6 May.

On 16 July, Jupiter wants to raise your public profile by taking a year-long journey through your solar tenth house of career. This is the best time to get your CV ready, contact recruiters, tell your boss you’d like a promotion thank you, do projects which will propel you into the corporate eye, do high-level presentations, launch your own company or to hire a PR company to ensure your own business gets much needed coverage. Make important presentations on 24 July when your charm will win them over and use all your psychological techniques and black book contacts for a left-field business pitch on 18 August and 25 September. With Jupiter going retrograde between 8 December until 31 December 2014, your business prospects may seem to be in ”Park” as you play phone, email, contract and meeting tag with someone senior but all will move ahead from February 2015.

Horoscope Scorpio 2014: CHALLENGES FOR SCORPIO IN 2014

Whatever your actual age, with Saturn in your solar first house of personality, since 6 Octomber 2012, you may have felt like you’ve skipped a decade or two and gone straight to middle age. Saturn here can prematurely create grey hairs, wrinkles, age spots, love handles, bone density, flexibility, mobility, vision and hearing problems (and some of those Gen Ys are in for some hearing problems already with the volume seemingly cranked up to 11 on their iPods). But he also gives you (eventually) hard-earned wisdom and the sense of security that comes with being true to yourself. You become more authoritarian and somewhat less social. Part of this is that you may feel a more serious side coming out and you fear that others won’t like you for it. Don’t worry, they admire the extra depth within you. Curiously, this transit also makes it much easier to lose weight – don’t lose too much though, that really IS ageing!

If you had internal “niggles” that something had to change before, it will be unavoidable now. You may attract rather critical types who will tell you your shortcomings in no uncertain terms. You may also start to feel older, with the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. If you’ve never been into comedies much before, I’d overdose on them now. It will be all too easy to feel depressed and morose and unlovable, which is obviously ridiculous! Letting your guard down and letting them seeing the true you AND knowing they still love you anyway will be incredibly touching. You may also see a vision of the “future adult” in your children. Use 13 November to have a deeply intimate conversation with someone about yourself. Their laser-focus insights may help you see what you need to change to feel truly happy

Saturn goes retrograde from 2 March to 20 July, creating a four-month period when you may feel more than a little insecure, serious, pragmatic, cautious and afraid of rejection. You may find it harder than usual to get your goals achieved and you may rethink your life’s direction, too. Try to count to 10 when someone criticises you, like for the millionth time. Your leadership ability will return.

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