Horoscope 2014 Sagittarius

Yearly horoscope forecast: Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21)

Horoscope 2014 Sagittarius: OPPORTUNITIES FOR SAGITTARIUS IN 2014

Jupiter in Cancer continues to help you make more money, contacts, insights and love, being in your solar eighth house of shared resources and sex until 16 July 2014. Don’t be surprised if you receive something from a will or if the tax man is particularly kind and does the audit on your next-door neighbour instead. If you’ve never taken the slightest interest in the stockmarket before, you could end up with a healthy little share portfolio as you’ll tend to make lucky choices, based on your superior understanding of what people really want! Companies with a social “give-back” ethos which also produce goods that are not made from sweatshop labour are your best bet. Your talent at matching people who need each other and/or their products and services will be repaid in full with people returning the favours. Sexy times are also on the menu, too! Circle 18 April for an incredibly good, powerful, life-changing day when you could receive an inheritance, a tax break, create a favourable financial term of payment with a powerful family member, invest in property or receive a windfall from past investments. Love feels wonderfully deep and intense in this day. Two other wonderful dates for mergers of all kinds include 18 June and 6 May.

An enjoyable interstate or overseas holiday could be on the horizon with Jupiter in your solar ninth house of travel from 16 July 2014, for the next 12 months. Jupiter LOVES travelling and so you might seriously want to buy an annual travel insurance policy to take advantage of some wonderful escape opportunities. You may also enjoy getting far more involved in the offline or online publishing world while other Sagittarius will have luck concerning a legal matter. Still others could decide to go (back) to university as your itch for exploration can be partially satisfied by tertiary study.

You could enjoy the most romantic holiday ever on 24 July (and if you have to depart later, keep in mind that hotel and frequent flyer program employees will be incredibly keen to help you make the trip a wonderful one if you book it today). Your partner catch you unawares with a holiday surprise booking on 18 August or 25 September while others could decide to tie the knot, Vegas-style. You may have to cancel or postpone long-distance trips between 8 December until 31 December 2014 while Jupiter is retrograde and of course, this period is less than ideal to pursue a legal matter. February 2015 sees you booked and ready to go!

Horoscope 2014 Sagittarius: CHALLENGES FOR SAGITTARIUS IN 2014

On 6 October 2012, Saturn entered your solar twelfth house of secrets where he will stay until 24 December 2014. This position is not an easy one for you to handle as you’re finding out about knowing what secrets to keep – and what needs to be shared. Not being transparent and above-board is as bad for corporations as it is for individuals. Keeping quiet on matters that affect others’ happiness, trust and livelihoods is a recipe for making them distrust you.

Ironically, for a sign that’s famous for understanding others in a flash, you’re not so aware how you can be your worst own enemy and yet many of us can spot your addiction to sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, shopping or porn. Or if you’re a “clean-skin”, you may know someone whose secret vices are making others’ lives a misery. Come on, ‘fess up, and see a psychologist, hypnotherapist, trained counsellor, or doctor.

This brings a certain level of navel-gazing but also massive insights. Since your social calendar has been trimmed somewhat in the last couple of years, you won’t find it as hard to cope with an even lower profile now. Yes, of course you’ll be invited to events and you’ll still have friends but even if you attend you still may feel a little on your own there. You may feel like have earlier nights than usual. Looking after your health will be very important now. You’ll reflect on choices you’ve made and may seek out the counselling of those who are older and experienced. There seems to be a skeleton in the closet, or a past grudge, that you finally release and forgive. Other Sagittarians may reveal a little secret that they’ve been carrying: a long-awaited pregnancy while others could make some confidential plans to buy a home.

In other cases, you may have spent the last two years – and will continue to spend most of 2012 – on a project which is not yet ready to see the light of day (or you fear competitors stealing your ideas). Saturn here doesn’t give you much energy so you’ll need to rest and relax as you could burn yourself out. Still not convinced? Saturn rules the ageing process, as well as worry and depression, so if you don’t get things off your chest, you will grow (new) grey hairs and wrinkles!

When Saturn goes retrograde from 2 March to 20 July 2014, unforeseen factors may force you to take a break or to reflect on your path. It’s stressful having the worries of the world on your shoulders! If you can swing it, check into a retreat where you can eat well, relax and enjoy massages.

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