Horoscope 2014 Pisces

Yearly horoscope forecast for Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

Horoscope 2014 Pisces: OPPORTUNITIES FOR PISCES IN 2014

Jupiter has been in your solar fifth house of love and creativity since 26 June 2013 and he’s been basically forcing you to put the laptop, Blackberry and Filofax down to really enjoy life. To make sure little workaholic Pisces really get the message about taking time out, he’s going to stay on until 16 July 2014 to make you relax, enjoy life, Feel the Love and experience the joy of being loved and happy. Single Pisces is destined to meet The One in the first half of this year and many dating Pisces could be surprised – and then delighted – to discover they’re pregnant. Married Pisces will look fondly back on this time as a period which really bonded you together. Your life will seem blessed with love, fun and romance on 18 April when Venus interact happily with Jupiter to transform your life in the most amazing way. This is one of the BEST day of the whole year to revamp your looks and outfits (call in the stylists, hairdressers and beauty technicians) to regain your youthful spirit and in doing so, you may prove romantically irresistible! Look out for gorgeous and fun dating opportunities as well as great day out with the kids on 6 May and 8 June, too.

Then, since Pisces tend to feel guilty if they’ve been goofing off too much or for too long, it’s back to the grindstone. However, with Jupiter in Leo, in your solar sixth house of work and health, even THIS will be fun! You’ll enjoy hanging out with colleagues, meeting suppliers, competing with others and yourself to do the best work ever. You will be keen to gain new skills and to promote your achievements more in your company. You may receive enticing offers from headhunters to recruit you for a better role, undertake freelance commissions, contract jobs or decide to work for yourself. You can also have fun getting fit and healthy, too. Grab a pal or a dog for regular walks, join a gym, try Zumba classes or if you’re really keen, bootcamp. Other Pisces may enjoy hiking on the weekends or bike-riding while those of you in the southern hemisphere may perfect your technique on the black runs during winter. A health spa where you learn what (not) to eat could be fun, too. Some of you might have a competition with a loved one to lose weight by your birthday. You could feel bad about your working routine and/or health on 2 August but use the beautiful 24 July or 18 August to create a happy new start for yourself in either or both areas. An eccentric family member could pass some amazing work opportunities your way on 23 July. While Jupiter is retrograde from 8 December until 31 December 2014 you will need to be patient regarding a new project, role or company growth. The job you seek may not become available until February 2015 and those of you on diets may reach a plateau until then, too. Don’t give up!

Horoscope 2014 Pisces: CHALLENGES FOR PISCES IN 2014

With Saturn in Scorpio, in your solar ninth house of travel since 6 October 2012 (where he will be passing through until 24 December 2014), it’s quite likely that long-distance trips have been marked with obligations, delays, or cutbacks of some kind for the last two years.  If you travel at all under Saturn’s influence here – Saturn IS known after all for obligations, delays, or cutbacks – it will be to undertake a duty of some kind. You may have had to use your holidays to babysit or take care of an elderly relative who lives interstate or overseas, to work long hours far away from your friends and family, missing out on fun events, or been unable to get away. Work trips and conferences may feature such long hours that all you see is your hotel walls or they’re scheduled at such times that you’re forced to miss out on important milestones. Since the ninth house also rules legal matters, higher education and publishing, other Pisces may have been struggling to complete a diploma, degree or doctorate, been unhappy about a long-running legal issue or had a publishing project (offline or online) which has been  plagued with delays.

Saturn goes retrograde from 2 March to 20 July 2014. Try to schedule important travel dates, legal cases or publishing deadlines before or after that period or you can anticipate delays and false stars.

But you can enjoy a respite – even just a few hours from home – on  24 May 2014, when Jupiter interact with Saturn and you get an opportunity for a break, helping you rekindle the flame with your partner. Hotel and frequent flyer staff may grant your wishes for an upgrade now, too. If a holiday is not on the menu, you may make an amazingly impressive pitch in a legal issue or in a published piece.

You’d really enjoy going away with your most influential friends on 13 November 2014, when Venus interact happily with Saturn. Single Pisces could meet someone rather amazing.

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