Horoscope 2014 Libra

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Horoscope Libra 2014: OPPORTUNITIES FOR LIBRA IN 2014

All eyes have been on you (normally a position you love being in) since 26 June 2013, when Jupiter entered your solar tenth house of career. In the first six months of the year 2014 it’s clear that the pressure is on for you to perform and achieve. Perhaps your boss has taken a break and left you in charge, you’re working very hard in a new job trying to prove your worth, you’re slaving hard to earn that promotion or you’re pulling out all the big guns to make your own business a financial success. In any case, you will step up to the plate successfully and get all the recognition and rewards you deserve and then some(!) on 18 April which is one of the most amazing day of 2014. Expect a massive boost, as well as a satisfying change in your daily routine then – perhaps you hire assistants to help you achieve more. Less dramatic in the fame stakes but still satisfying for your public recognition is 18 June and 6 May.

So I won’t be surprised if you want to take it easier and kick back with pals from 16 July when Jupiter wants to hang out in your solar eleventh house of friends and group activities for the next year! It’s time for you to have fun and to share good times. Librans who have been working flat out will enjoy a fantastic night out on 24 July. If you can wangle some time off from work, book a holiday house or chalet at least a few hours away with friends for 18 August as it will be one of your happiest memories ever. I also love 25 Saptember for booking a last-minute escape interstate or overseas with pals. You may hear from long-lost friends while Jupiter goes retrograde between 8 December to 31 December 2014, or you may just dial down the social activity, preferring them to come to see you at your place. However, you’ll feel like accepting every invitation from February 2015 onwards.

Horoscope Libra 2014: CHALLENGES FOR LIBRA IN 2014

In 2014 your financial situation will not improve remarkably. Why? On 6 October 2012, Saturn has entered your solar second house of income where he will stay until 24 December 2014. If you have been in any way naughty about paying off your credit card, living beyond your means or not saving for a rainy day, Saturn may teach you some yucky lessons about the need to save and invest your wealth. You may create a budget, refinance your mortgage, cut up your credit cards, start an investment plan or look at ways to bring in more income for the first time. You’ve been enduring a reduced or drip-fed cashflow for so long now that you may want to continue to recycle, reuse, regift and restore items to get the maximum use out of them. You may even choose to make a little sidelines business on eBay or etsy on the well-starred 1 January 2014, selling items that you either have no need for or, with some loving attention, can turn into an object of beauty or usefulness

But are you going to put up with not being paid, or at least paid on time? No way! Mars will be in your solar first house of personality until 23 July forcing you to speak up, yell, stamp your feet and to assert yourself. Since Saturn is what you’re afraid of, in the second house, it’s having no money! What’s interesting and kind of awkward is that Mars will be retrograde from 1 March to 20 May, making you less willing to speak up, while Saturn will be retrograde from 2 March to 20 July. Unfortunately you will need to plan for less money coming in the door during that four-month period. July will seem like you’ve won Lotto when the money comes pouring back in, but until then, Saturn is making sure that you’ve learned how to budget.

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