Horoscope 2014 Leo

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Leo Horoscope 2014 - Yearly horoscope forecast:


Since 26 June 2013, many Leos have gone under the radar, out of sight. Thanks to Jupiter in your solar twelfth house of secrets, you may have been busily working on projects that have limited your social availability, been literally “out of sight” having moved to a new location where unlike Cheers, no-one “knows your name”, or even feeling too exhausted to keep up your normally jam-packed calendar socialising. And you know what? You’ve actually been fine with it. Until 16 July 2014 you get to concentrate on understanding yourself and your issues. The first six months of 2014 is a fabulous time to see a counsellor about problems that may have been plaguing you in the past, with any emotional or psychological issues: they’re funny, kind but also blunt and will help you see the truth so much more easily. Or is there someone who needs your help? Pay it forward and help a loved one who’s not coping.  Listen to your intuition on the amazing 6 May when you could have a life-changing realisation, there’s something very fated about that day. Your family may help to say goodbye to ghosts of the past, or speaking of um, ghosts, you may discover you’ve been left quite a sum of money or property in a will. There’s more fascinating, top-secret news or wonderful insights coming your way on 8 June, too.

Then it’s time to showcase yourself as Jupiter moves into your solar first house of personality on 12 June. Look forward to a year when the spotlight is on you! This is the time to put your best foot forward. It’s worth investing in the help of a stylist to help you select clothes which make you look like a million bucks, for having your hair done in a youthful new style, for embarking on beauty treatments which will make your skin glow. Your confidence will grow and opportunities can fall in your lap, including the completely gorgeous 24 July, when you can charm anyone to do anything – including fall in love with you! Your more offbeat, unconventional friends will be a lot of fun to hang out on 18 August, a great day to create something which truly benefits others. Friends you make now will boost your self-esteem and will be inspiring too. When Jupiter goes retrograde from 8 December through to 31 December 2014, the pace of life slows down. You may rethink your appearance or get some insights about how to get your message across. It is a good time to focus on others, too.


From 6 October 2012, your domestic responsibilities has been encreased, when Saturn enters your solar fourth house of home and family until 24 December 2014. Responsibilities to do with an elderly parent (or find that they interfere incessantly in your life), a property or a binding domestic situation will free up this year. Since Saturn arrived in your home house your domestic life may have seemed like a noose around your neck! You may have been looking after an elderly relative, unable to renovate, buy or move, unhappy with your family members or flatmates, been crushed by domestic obligations that tied you to the home in some way or had your father, mother or grandparents interfering in your private life. But the good news is that Saturn tends to make you learn such hard lessons about commitment, responsibility, endurance and perseverance that by the time he departs you’re amazed how much easier and lighter your life seems. The truth is that you have built up psychological “muscle” in this area.

You may buy your first (or next) home, pay more rent, council, strata levy fees and/or land tax, undertake structural repairs or renovations, get in a boarder or flatmate to help with the rent or mortgage, or make one of your spare bedrooms into a granny flat, nursery or home office. Saturn makes a beautiful trine to Jupiter in your solar twelfth house of secrets. On 24 May you may be delighted to hear you’ve been left money or a house in a will while other Leos will join forces with other family members to buy an investment property. You may use Boxing Day (26 December) to transform your spare room into an office  – or conduct an exhausting working bee to sort and sell unwanted gifts and possessions.

Saturn goes retrograde from 2 March-20 July. During this time, a property sale might be delayed and/or fall through, home repairs and redecorating could be put on ice, you may feel like moving, feeling trapped at your current house or have renovation plans postponed by lack of council approval or by tradies who don’t complete the job on time, on budget or at all. Flatmates may not work out and those of you with (step)children may feel burdened by the weight of responsibility. All these areas however, will move ahead at the end of year.

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