Horoscope 2014 Gemini

Gemini - May 22 to June 21

2014 Gemini Horoscope - Yearly horoscope forecast:


Since 26 June 2013 you may have noticed that your financial situation has been improving. This has been thanks to Jupiter in your solar second house of income, showering you with (at least one raise), bonuses, extra commission, more clients, refunds, rebates, mates’ rates, discounts, freebies, gifts, access to luxurious possessions and more income from investments. Jupiter stays here until 16 July 2014, giving you another six months to sock the cash away. Use this remaining time to investigate investments that can give you capital growth and/or cashflow. The BEST day ever for you financially this year is 24 July 2014 when you’ll benefit from Sun conjunction with Jupiter, helping you to make more money from investments, your job and/or own business. This is such an amazing line-up that you should plan ahead now to use this to apply for a loan, ask for a raise and/or more commission, pitch your business to a number of influential clients and to promote yourself to win financially. Two other good days for monetary success are 18 June and 6 May.

On 16 July 2014, Jupiter moves into Leo, in your solar third house of communication. You’ll be doing a lot of errands, seemingly always in the car, getting a cauliflower ear from being on the phone, and RSI from typing on your laptop, iPad or iPhone. Your capacity to learn, plus your curiosity is immense now. If you’ve been feeling bored, now is to time to learn new skills, especially to do with languages, numerics, sales, marketing, negotiation, deal-making, the internet and publishing. Now is a great time to meet your neighbours, attend community events and participate in your neighbourhood. You can enjoy spending more time with your brothers and sisters now too. Circle 25 September for a fantastic day when you can convince anyone you love – or like! – to do anything. Some of you may discuss going on an interstate or overseas trip now. You can gain enormous publicity about yourself or something that interests you, making this a fantastic day to make an important presentation or to promote something. When Jupiter goes retrograde from 8 December until 31 December 2014, you may find it takes more effort to get your proposals and projects approved. You may find people don’t understand you or that your paperwork isn’t getting through to the right people. Allow for delays.


The good news is that you’ve only got grumpy Saturn in your solar sixth house of work and health until  24 December 2014. The bad news (OK, take a deep breath): You’ll be working rather hard with little thanks, encouragement or pay raises until then.

If Saturn was a boss, he would be very difficult to work for. Whatever results you bust a gut to achieve, he expects as routine. He rarely hands out compliments, and only agrees to raises if you’ve done some MBA-level cashflow analysis proving the direct correlation between your employment there and the company’s ROI. Just for good measure, he will point out your numerous areas of improvement.

Saturn wants you to work hard – so he can give you extra responsibility to do even more. Ironic, eh? As the sixth house rules colleagues, your workmates may be glum, negative and pessimistic, too during this time. And if you wanted to chuck it all it in and freelance, consult or run your own business, you will find Saturn materialises in the form of incredibly-hard-to-please clients, we-can’t-possibly-do-that suppliers and recalcitrant employees.

The sixth house also rules health and with Saturn, it is usually a long-term and/or chronic issue that you may have managed to ignore. Now is the time to see your doctor, dentist, optometrist, homeopath etc for a check-up, ensure you have adequate health insurance, cut the ciggies and choccies, and commit to an exercise and diet plan. As Saturn rules structure, it could be a good time to check bone density levels and also your teeth (which you’re likely to be grinding for a while).

On 2 March until 20 July 2014, Saturn will be retrograde which suggests your job could be painfully restrictive, requiring longer hours but obtaining less co-operation from your colleagues. Changing jobs will not fix this situation as you have to use the time to reflect on how to do it better. If you get diagnosed with anything the treatment may seem to go on forever. And if it includes going on a diet, that could seem particularly grim to a sweet-tooth Gemini, too.

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