Horoscope 2014 Capricorn

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Horoscope 2014 Capricorn: OPPORTUNITIES FOR CAPRICORN IN 2014

Most Capricorn are pretty cynical about love – until they fall in it. Then, to paraphrase Meatloaf, they’d do anything for love and yes, they would do that! Jupiter stays for six more months in your solar seventh house of relationships where he is helping you to get over the “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” attitude to sharing. Never planned to marry? You may well change your mind! Been going through a rough patch with your spouse? Welcome home, honey. You will discover reserves of optimism, joy, forgiveness and big-heartedness that to be honest, Capricorn is  famous for and this is what will lead you to take the plunge. The most exciting day is 18 April, when you have Jupiter being blessed by Venus. This is an INCREDIBLE day to propose, commit, marry or ask someone out and for Sagittarius who have been married for ages, why not consider having a second honeymoon! Two other lovely dates worth circling now for relationship happiness are 6 May and 8 June, when you’ll be beautifully in tune.

Midway through the year on 16 July, Jupiter swings into your solar eighth house of shared resources – the house Scorpio rules! Since he’s generous and provides plenty of opportunities you can look forward to a juicy sex life and access to other people’s money! You may be listed as a beneficiary in a will, receive a huge refund from the tax department or a generous dividend, invited to pool your finances with others to invest in something or asked for a loan which they’ll repay with interest. You’ve always been fantastic at ferreting out the most useful people to know and they will befriend you in droves now. Your detector is always turned up to 11 and you can now detect the undercurrents in body language, Freudian comments and subtle looks (that others fail to notice) that will help you get what (or who!) you want. Getting money, sex and power is soooooo much easier for you on the super-bountiful 24 July while unusual colleagues and suppliers could help you with a surprise win on 18 August or 25 September. Don’t sign any financial documents between 8 December until 31 December 2014 while Jupiter is retrograde as there are factors which even you can’t see at that time. Sexual partners may um, come and go, but mostly go, then, too. But it’s full steam ahead from February 2015!

Horoscope 2014 Capricorn: CHALLENGES FOR CAPRICORN IN 2014

You may feel like the number of true friends you can count has dropped to those on one hand. This is thanks to Saturn, your ruler, which entered your solar eleventh house of friends and group activities on 6 October 2012, where he will socialise until 24 December 2014. This creates a period of clearing out the social deadwood from your life. Saturn in Scorpio will eliminate a number of pals from your life now and reduce your circle to a particularly tight-knit bunch. Only the stayers, the most loyal and the longest-term friends will remain.

Saturn has a particularly strong restrictive and reductive quality: he lets you have nothing in your life which is not good and/or useful for you, whether this is a job, lover or friends! For Capricorns, your Christmas card list has been slowly dwindling as you discover who are your fair-weather friends, some of whom you’d be better referring to as acquaintances, fellow clubbers or strangers on Facebook or even frenemies! Others have left your vicinity or sense of common purpose ie they’ve left the company, they’ve moved interstate or overseas, found a partner or become parents.

At the same time, your friends have been “dropping like flies” you may also have felt shy, hesitant or awkward about seeking out new ones by joining associations, clubs and networks, taking Groucho Marx’s view that you wouldn’t want to be belong to a club that would have you as a member. In other cases you may have felt it’s too hard work making new friends “at your age”. Well Saturn makes whatever department of life “hard work” as he wants you to earn it. And if you have been adding to your social circle, you may have befriended much older, established, conservative and pragmatically minded mates.

On 13 November, organise a small get-together with your closest circle of pals. The connection you make today will be lifelong. And if you’re single and they bring a sexy friend along, the attraction could be visceral

Saturn goes retrograde from 2 March to 20 July 2014 during which time you hear from old friends or find others drop out of your life. It may be surprisingly hard to organise social events without endless organisation.

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