Horoscope 2014 Aries

Aries - March 21 to April 20



You’ll really enjoy spending time with your nearest and dearest in 2014 while Jupiter transits your solar fourth house of home and family and you may finally(!) address, resolve and forgive some long-standing issues which have caused you and other family members some pain. Got some equity in your home? You’ll be magnetically drawn to the real estate pages of the newspaper and may find yourself inspired by the house and garden decorating magazines, Wonderful days where you can mend family rifts, sell your house for a huge price, find a beautiful home or apartment, receive easy approval from the council for renovation or development applications, discover the most gorgeous antiques and homewares and to feel really close and connected to your parents include 14 March, 14 and 23 May.

On 16 July, Jupiter enters in Leo, in your solar fifth house of love and creativity. This is a wonderful time for enjoying all that life has to offer and to attend all the interesting festivals, expos, galleries, shows and days out that the entertainment pages feature. It is also wonderful for meeting a fun romantic companion, trying dating for the hell of it, for increasing the joy and love(making) in your relationship, and having time out with your kids. If you want to get pregnant now, it will be much easier than usual – so be warned!  A chance comment or a kooky entry on a blog, website, or magazine may grab your attention and introduce you to something new and refreshing you can enjoy with your lover and/or children on 25 September. While Jupiter is retrograde from 8 December to 31 December 2014 you may experience delays with plans to do with your children and a minor setback or rethink considering your romantic status.


Saturn has entered your solar eighth house of shared resources on 6 October 2012 and will stay there until 24 December 2014. You have started to look very hard at your debt levels – this is the perfect time to cut up your credit cards and to reduce your limits as well as seek a better mortgage. You will also consider carefully with whom you can safely grow your wealth. Tax payments could be onerous and the tax man will come after you with a vengeance if you have avoided paying your fair share. On 21 May there is a wonderful trine to Neptune which suggests an insider’s tip will help you and your partner (or other parties) to increase your pool of funds, while for some Aries you will be delighted to discover you’re the beneficiary in a will. Many of you could receive a gift dividend or get confirmation of your new increased salary and/or perks. If you have your own company, email an important client regarding a proposal then. They’re likely to be checking their emails and you could beat the opposition and win their business by being available.

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