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Horoscope 2014 Aquarius: OPPORTUNITIES FOR AQUARIUS IN 2014

With Jupiter in Cancer, in your solar sixth house of work and health, since 26 June 2013, you may have been seeking more work, better connections with colleagues and suppliers or, if you have your own business, more customers AND more employees!

If you’re reading this at the start of 2014, you might look back and see how your daily routine (ruled by the sixth house) has improved. Has your health improved too? Are you teaming up with others to exercise? Making a game of it to lose weight or quit smoking? Circle 18 April when Venus interact happily with Jupiter to help you land a fantastic new job, expand your business, gain influential new clients, and receive more money! If you’re interested, this would be a terrific day to book yourself into a health retreat to eat and exercise properly and learn the value of work-life balance. You could well meet an important client there but most importantly you will have the motivation to become the most gorgeous you ever! You’ll benefit from more fantastic work and health opportunities on 6 May and 8 June, too.

Then it’s time for you to get married (again)! Only joking – or am I? Jupiter enters your solar seventh house of relationships on  16 July 2014 where he’ll make it fun for you to be part of a couple. Single Aquarians who have met no-one they fancy could have friends, loved ones and strangers trying to match-make them while dating Aquarius will think keenly about settling down. Married Aquarians will enjoy a year-long opportunity to fall for their partner all over again. And you may get a business partner too. Creating closeness will be fun. You may also deal with the public now more during this period but also, become aware of those who don’t have your best interests at heart. Because Jupiter creates so much goodwill, even ex-partners will remember you fondly while business competitors may be willing to pass some work your way if it is not an area they specialise in. Products and services to do with attracting and retaining a happy partner will draw you like a magnet now and if you ever thought you’d never marry (again), well, you may change your thinking on this! You may propose, commit yourself exclusively or marry on the beautifully starred 24 July while love is irresistibly calling for a whirlwind engagement on 18 August or 14 December. Married Aquarius will thoroughly enjoy each other then. Jupiter will be retrograde from 8 December until 31 December 2014 during which time you may get some counselling to resolve outstanding differences in your relationship, hear from exes who realise they made a mistake or call off or postpone an engagement or wedding date which has happened too quickly. All will move ahead from February 2015!

Horoscope 2014 Aquarius: CHALLENGES FOR AQUARIUS IN 2014

You’re certainly not a Sun sign to shy away from hard work and yet even you may be wondering how you can keep up the pace. Saturn has been in your solar tenth house of career – the house of Capricorn and Saturn, one of your rulers, since 6 October 2012. He remains here until until 24 December 2014. The knowledge and wisdom you’ve acquired while Saturn was in your ninth house will need to be applied now. No matter what your age, it’s time to look at your achievements and to build further on those. This will be a marathon, not a sprint race, so you’ll have to pace yourself accordingly.

Saturn is one hell of a taskmaster at the best of times so it’s quite likely that your boss has thrown one challenge after another at you for the last couple of years now. If you thought it’s felt like a long-distance hurdle race, well, you’re right! Every victory, every achievement was then met with “And what’s next?”, expecting you to top it again and again. Wherever Saturn is, is where you have to overcome your fears. Ironically though they’re all on show here. The tenth house is your public house, your world reputation, your status. Everyone knows whether you’re getting ahead or not. So whether you’re an exhausted mum with a newborn who’s being asked when you’re returning to work, a Gen Y searching for a promotion, a retiree bored out of your skull or someone who’s dared to create their own business, you are all feeling the pressure.

Overtime is highly likely, as are job upsets, brutal office politics (especially with Pluto in your second house of resources making you unlikely to take prisoners!), second jobs, juicy promotion prospects and the long-term path towards your own business success. Career counselling and seeking a wise old mentor is a must as is getting a professional makeover to ensure you don’t cruel your chances of progress.

In 2014 your boss and most important clients will demand one challenge after another from you. Overtime could seem standard practice now. If you apply for promotions now you’d better have all your successes ready to reel off. If you’re the boss it’s time for you to solidly grow your business, creating a stable platform for future growth. Your competitors will be watching as will the public. So much will be expected of you now that while some of you may fear failing, many more of you will be equally afraid of success: career counselling and mentoring will definitely help.

But help is on the way! You may be given a raise, promotion, an increase in commission or more glamorous clients as soon as 13 November 2014. If you have your own business you may receive priceless publicity on TV or the radio.

Saturn goes retrograde from 2 March to 20 July 2014 during which time your move to a new role, company or industry could be delayed while fate could step in and remove you from a job that’s not right for you. Other Aquarius may hear from old bosses wanting to hire them again while others could research the viability of setting up their own business. You may rethink if you even want to have a career during this time!

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