2014 Predictions

2014 Astrological Overview for all Zodiac Signs  

What’s going on in the skies in 2014 and how might this reflect in trends around us? 

In 2014 Saturn continues its long journey through Scorpio. This serious planet in this serious sign will bring a time of reckoning. Those individuals and companies who are in heavy debt will need to acknowledge that this has to be dealt with and cannot be ignored any longer. Expect to see more businesses going bankrupt, more job losses due to this and more people asking for professional guidance on how to sort out their finances.

Expect to see issues of morality in the headlines. Can youngsters of the 21st century tell the difference between right and wrong? What might be the cause behind the increasing scenes of violence we will be seeing in our towns and cities? What influence do violent computer games have on young people’s minds? These are the questions that we will hear people asking more and more. And as some youngsters spend more time in a world of virtual reality, are they continuing the violence within some of these games into the real world? Are people having problems distinguishing between fantasy and reality?

Both Saturn and Pluto energies are strong in 2014, with these planets in mutual reception. This means that Saturn is in Pluto’s sign, Scorpio and Pluto is in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn.

Pluto planet of transformation continues to make tense aspects (links in the skies) with Uranus planet of change and upheaval. The unrest that has been apparent in recent years will continue. Many might feel their independence is being curbed and their privacy invaded. The earth is likely to suffer, too, when these planets are in conflict. Already we have seen torrential rain and flooding in the UK, storms and flooding in the Philippines and Japan to name but a few. There have been earthquakes in Japan, Bulgaria, Northern Italy and Denmark and earthquakes will be seen occurring regularly throughout in 2013. We shouldn’t be surprised if these earthquakes and flooding occur in unexpected places while weather patterns continue to change.
Neptune is still in the early degrees of Pisces. Both Neptune and Pisces are associated with fantasy, dreaming, mysticism and illusion. Those working in psychic fields such as carrying out psychic research will be having a great time in 2014 as new techniques are developed to record paranormal phenomena. People working in alternative medicine and who deliver alternative therapies will find there is increasing demand for their services. Neptune in Pisces can throw an aura of calm over situations which can be deceptive. People might feel they’d rather leave it to others to sort matters out but if everyone feels that way, nothing will get done.

More people will crave a quieter, more peaceful existence with Neptune in Pisces and some will make an effort to turn this dream into reality. We might see groups getting together to help and give support to each other rather like the communal living in the sixties but without the hippy element! Friends and families might link up to share work in order to become more self sufficient: tending their own vegetables, setting up their own crèches, swapping one trade or service for another and generally as incomes continues to go down and prices up, we will see people banding together to help each other.

Between 1 January and 16 July Jupiter will be travelling  through Cancer. Everything connected with home, family, mother, will be highlighted at this time. People working in these areas can expect their businesses to show a definite upturn.

We will see creative and intellectual gains; we will find solutions to family problems of the past and reform of social service facilities for people who have family and home difficulties.

While Jupiter is in Gemini, those born under the air signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces might expect to get more opportunity to enjoy the things that mean the most to them: mixing with friends, travelling, romance or even learning a new language. Some will be keen to move overseas if a new job requires it.

For those born under the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius it will be a year when their main focus will be on their work and other responsibilities, career aims and money-making potential. The good news is: they can expect to see some improvements in all of these areas.

It will be family matters, private concerns, property deals and domestic issues that those born under the water signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will find themselves dealing with for a good percentage of the year and despite all the hard work involved they won’t be disappointed with the results.

Those born under the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will be more aware of how their relationships and friendships are changing or progressing in a positive way. They can expect to see more open communications with people who may have been secretive with them in the past.

In 2014 Jupiter will be retrograde in Leo, from 8 December through to 31 December 2014. When planets are retrograde we can expect a degree of confusion in communications, delays, mix-ups and misunderstandings. Jupiter has links with education, religion, overseas transactions and travel and these therefore are the areas that may cause frustrations for many people during the last month of the year 2014.